Lundberg Retail Price Averages
Lundberg’s regular national panel of markets provides for twice-monthly average retail prices by gasoline grade and diesel fuel. Not all U.S. cities are included. Cities not included in the panel may have prices higher than or lower than within the panel. Within each city average there is a wide range of individual prices, brands, and station types. Individual stations within cities price higher than and lower than the city or U.S. average published.

Within the competitive landscape, station economics and precise locations determine retail fuel pricing decisions. Wholesale supply as to origin, specs, and other vital indicators continually impacts the retail sector. For detailed analysis of national and regional pricing, at retail and at wholesale, fuel tax events, retail margin, and market share, see studies issued in our newsletter Lundberg Letter, each of which is listed here. For data packages or custom research work product, contact parent Lundberg Survey.


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