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What is refinery margin all about?
It's always about the buying price of crude, selling price of products, and direct/indirect costs. But 2008 U.S. refining margin stands out from other years for several reasons. Not least of these was the crash in U.S. gasoline and diesel consumption. Yet the margin somehow averaged very healthy indeed.
Margin 2008 won't soon be forgotten, and is shaping future strategies of competitors around the world. For a comprehensive look at what happened and why, get your copy of:
Margin Saved by Diesel Fuel: Refiners' Rocky Road 2008

You will see recent and long term refiner margin, gasoline and diesel fuel demand, crude and products prices, product yields and production, capacity and use rates - and see why record exports of diesel fuel extended the post-2000 Golden Age of Refining and may continue to do so.
In addition to data, graphs and narrative in this study, you will also receive two regular monthly supplements: The Energy Détente Refining Netback Data Series (U.S. Gulf and West Coast, five crudes) and the Energy Détente Fuel Price/Tax Series (end-user prices and taxes for gasoline and diesel, by country, in U.S. and domestic currencies).

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