Lundberg In The News
CSP: September 28, 2016:
Pump Price Still Tumbling
Retailers slash own margins again,
this time by eight cents

Reuters: September 27, 2015:
Average U.S. gasoline price drops 9 cents
in two weeks -Lundberg

Bloomberg: September 28, 2015:
Gas prices fall to $2.34 a gallon

AP: September 28, 2015:
Survey: US gasoline price drop 9
cents over 2 weeks

CSP: September 14, 2016:
Downstream Paying Forward
Pump prices crash in hot gasoline market

Reuters: September 13, 2016:
Average U.S. gas price drops 27 cents
in past 3 weeks -Lundberg survey

AP: September 13, 2016:
Survey: US gasoline price drops 27
cents over 3 weeks

Bloomberg: September 13, 2016:
U.S. Pump Prices Fall to Six-Month
Low in Lundberg Survey

CSP: August 24, 2015:
Indian Summer for Downstream Margins
Chicago + L.A. = no change in national retail price

Reuters: August 23, 2016:
Average U.S. gas price steady over
past two weeks: Lundberg survey

Bloomberg: August 23, 2016:
Lundberg Says U.S. Gasoline to Extend
Slump on Crude’s Rout

AP: August 23, 2016:
Survey: US gasoline price holds
steady over past 2 weeks

Reuters, August 10, 2015:
US gas prices fall alongside
crude oil: Lundberg survey

Bloomberg, August 9, 2015:
U.S. Pump Prices Slip to Three-Month
Low in Lundberg Survey

CSP, August 10, 2015:
A Tumble-Down Market from Crude to the Street
Retail margin gains again

AP, August 9, 2015:
Survey: US gasoline prices down 11
cents in the past 2 weeks

CSP, July 27, 2015:
Retail Margin Recovers, and Then Some
Sunny for entire downstream, including consumers

AP, July 26, 2015:
Survey: Average US gasoline price
drops a penny to $2.82 a gallon

AP, July 12, 2015:
California gas prices spike amid
national downward trend

CSP, July 13, 2015:
How Many Retailers Now in
Hot Water Will Be Rescued

Bloomberg, July 12, 2015:
U.S. Gasoline Cheapest Since
Mid-May After Rout at Pumps

CSP, July 1, 2015:
Retail Margin Sweetest Since January
Pump prices finally drift down

Reuters, June 28, 2015:
U.S. gasoline prices dip for first time in
more than two months -survey

AP, June 27, 2015:
Survey: Average US gasoline price
drops 2 cents to $2.85 a gallon

Bloomberg, June 27, 2015:
Americans Get Relief at the Pumps
Ahead of July 4 Road Trips


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