Lundberg In The News
CSP:April 25, 2016:
Recent Margin Gain Snatched Away
Pump prices still edging up

AP:April 25, 2016:
Gas Prices Jump by 8 Cents
Over Past 2 Weeks

The Energy Report:April 25, 2016:
Big Oil Not As Big As It Used To Be

Reuters:April 11, 2016:
US gasoline prices rise as demand improves

Reuters:April 10, 2016:
Average U.S. gas prices rose 8 cents
in three weeks: Lundberg

CSP:April 11, 2016:
Retailers Regain Margin
Gasoline market outjumps crude

The Energy Report:April 11, 2016:
Very Demanding

AP:April 11, 2016:
Gas prices jump by 8 cents over
past 3 weeks, to $2.10

CSP:March 21, 2016:
When Crude Oil Cracks the Whip,
Gasoline Prices Fall in Line
Pump prices up 25 cents in a month

CNBC:March 21, 2016:
Average US gas prices rise nearly 25
cent in four weeks: Lundberg

CSP:March 7, 2016:
Jump at the Pump
Retail price finally rises on oil price hike

AP:March 7, 2016:
Gas prices creeping back up

Resource Investor:March 7, 2016:
Oil on the run

CSP:February 22, 2016:
Uncle to Refiners: 'I Didn't Hear You!'
Upward pressure on pump price is building

Reuters:February 22, 2016:
Average US gas prices fell a
nickel in two weeks: Lundberg

Reuters:February 7, 2016:
Average U.S. gas price drops 8.2 cents
in two weeks: Lundberg

The Energy Report:February 8, 2016:
Gloomy Moody Monday

CSP:February 8, 2016:
Are Refiners Ready to Cry ‘Uncle’?
Pump price slide continues, oil prices shuffling

AP:February 7, 2016:
The average price of gasoline has
dropped 8 cents over the past two
weeks, to $1.82 a gallon

CSP:January 25, 2016:
Seven-Year Low at Pump
14-cent drop in two weeks

Reuters:January 25, 2016:
Average US gas price drops 14
cents in two weeks: Lundberg

The Energy Report:January 25, 2016:
Dude! Where’s My Car?

AP:January 24, 2016:
Gas prices plunge 14 cents
over past 2 weeks

CSP:January 11, 2016:
2016 Begins: Refiners Slashing Wholesale Prices
And retail margin recovers

AP:January 10, 2016:
Average price of gasoline drops a penny over
the past 3 weeks to $2.05 a gallon

Reuters:January 10, 2016:
Average U.S. gasoline price falls 1
cent over three weeks -survey


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