About Our Averages
Lundberg's regular national panel provides for twice-monthly average retail prices by gasoline grade and diesel fuel. Not all U.S. cities are included. There may be (and often are) smaller cities not included in our regular panel that have prices higher than or lower than the highest average and lowest average price that we publish.

Due to our strict methodology, we do not accept prices via phone or email. All prices must be observed in person by our surveyors.

Within each city average in Lundberg's regular panel of stations, there is a wide range of individual prices, brands, and station types. There will be individual stations within cities that price higher than and lower than city average or U.S. average published. In quoting Lundberg, the general media referring to a city price refers to the average in that city, not an individual station price. For more on how station economics determine retailer's pricing decisions, please see our petroleum industry journal Lundberg Letter.

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